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Dorothy Herman

Century 21

Bingen, WA



Century 21



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Dorothy Herman
1000 W Steuben
Bingen, WA 98605

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John Lockman says:
Hi Dorothy nice talking in thriftway. Don Tackley told me that a broker may be able to help me with comps on my house. so I don't have to go into GOldendale. I was wondering if you could help me? I would ask Shirley cox but she threatened to turn my dog into the pound If I did not nueter him and keep him on a leash. My dog is a bout the size of a cat/ Don said before you go in to see the assessor do the following. Avoid the chief assesor named Mike who looks like Yule brenner and is a total ass hole take pictures of your improvements. get at least three comps don't expect an assessment better than fair market. Since my property is just one lot with a house straddled on it - not three lots like they priced them at They should not value the land so high. Thanks John 5094931480